DYOLASTEKS COLOR SWATCHES Pabble Alaçatı Desert Beige Canyon Ihlara Mink Oyster White Light Cream Cream Dark Cream Yellow Light Salmon Salmon Snow White Ice White Smoke Grey Pistachio Platue Green Symphonic Blue Boran North Classic Lilac Lavender Ilgım Paris Pink Pastel Ruddle Baraque Red Peach Sunflower Honey Bubble Dark Brick Goreme

DESCRIPTION :Water borne exterior paint, based on pure acrylic emulsion.
PROPERTIES :It has high chemical, alkaline and salt resistance. It has high molecular weight and soft polymer property that provide retaining the elasticity under all weather conditions. High water repellent property provides dry surface. High water permeability, allowing building to breathe. It has superior opacity, provides application easiness and good adhesion.
APPLICATION AREAS: All types of exterior mineral facades; masonry, concrete, plaster, brick, tile, asbestos, cement etc.


Surface Preparation:

Dirt, grease, old loose or flaking materials must be removed from the surfaces. Old painted, weak and chalky surfaces to be cleaned. Cracks etc. to be repaired with Dyo Acrofiller Wall Putty Exterior
·New mineral surfaces and old, weak, limed and chalky substrates to be pre-treated with Dyobinder.
·Never use isolation primer.
·If the application will be on the cement based decorative plaster, Dyobinder should be used as a primer.
·Dyolasteks should be diluted with 20 % of water for application of the first coat, second coat should be applied undiluted.

·Depending on the surface;1-2 m²/kg, 1,5-2,5 m²/L for two coat.
S2  Keep out of the reach of children.