DESCRIPTION: Acrylic emulsion based, water proofing sealer for roofs.
PROPERTIES: Developed for roof and water insulation. Semi-fluid property provides covering the surface easily. High water vapour permeability, allowing building to breathe. It is %600 elastic. Maintains the elasticity under hot and cold differences. 24 hours later, tensile strenght is 25 kgf/cm² at 25°C. It has high resistance against sunlight, humidity, alkali. It provides decorative appearance, good adhesion and water resistant.
APPLICATION AREA:Exterior masonry, concrete, plaster, ytong, brick, fiber cement, wood, roof boarding plates, roofs and terraces.


Surface Preparation:
Dirt, grease, old loose or flaking materials must be removed from the surfaces. Never use isolation primer.
• It should be diluted with 40% (by volume) of water for application of the first priming coat with brush or roller. Apply min. 2-3 coats undiluted.
• Each coat must be applied in opposite direction of the previous coat. The surfaces on which Dyoflex is applied should be protected against rain, snow and frost during a period of 24 hours. The surfaces on which it is to be applied should be sufficiently inclined so that water accumulation is not allowed.

•Depending on the surface; 0,9-1 m²/L and 0,66-1 m²/kg.
S2 Keep out of the reach of children.