DESCRIPTION: Matt, decorative ceiling paint based on acrylic emulsion.
PROPERTIES: White ceiling paint with superior hiding power and breathability and attaches perfectly on all types of plaster, concrete, and lime surfaces.
APPLICATION AREA:It is formulated for interior ceiling surfaces of buildings and should not be used for other applications.

Surface Preparation:
The surfaces should be cleared out of old loose or flaking materials. Dust, dirt and grease on the surface should be cleaned if necessary by washing with water.
It is applied two coats by brush or roller with diluting 30% of water by volume and it should be awaited 
1-2 hours between coats depending on ambient temperature and humidity.

SPREADING RATE: : 3-5 m²/kg area is covered dependent on the substrate. (for two coats)
SAFETY PHRASES:S2 Keep out of the reach of children.