DESCRIPTION: Dyoterm is acrylic emulsion based paint which is designed for preventing condensation problem at humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. With its velvet structure and warm surface it can be used for baby sleeping rooms and every type of interior areas. Its composition has two different effects.
1. PHYSICOTHERMAL EFFECT:Physicothermal effect is provided by micro glass spheres which has insulation property. Dyoterm forms insulating film by working as double glass system(glass/air/glass) on applied surfaces with the help of micro glass spheres. Dyoterm has 3,5 times less heat transmission coefficient than other paints. Thanks to micro glass spheres and low heat transmission coefficient, it prevents condensation of water vapour on paint film and helps preventing of heat loss. Micro glass spheres in its composition make its surface warmer and contribute insulation.
2. DECORATIVE EFFECT:Matt patterned appearance and warm surface
PROPERTIES:In addition to thermal and insulation effects, preventing condensation and having breathability property, it is human and environment friendly product. It adheres well onto every type of surface and does not crack or flake. It gives patterned matt appearance and warm surface on to applied surface. Its colours does not fade, can be applied every season and dries quickly. With pastel and brilliant colours, it is indispensible paint for kitchens, bathrooms and baby sleeping rooms.

APPLICATION AREA:It is specially designed for humid areas. It can be used as problem solver at humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms and thanks to its warmer surface compared to other paints, it is also recommended for baby sleeping rooms. But it should not be used on surfaces which contact directly with water like shower edges.
Application on new surfaces:Dyobinder is applied onto surfaces smoothened with Dyorit Macun. “Isolation primers should not be used for priming” 2 hours after primer application, Dyoterm which is diluted 10% by volume is applied by roller two or three coats in order to increase anti-condensation effect. For even surface, application should be done one way and excess rolling should be avoided. It should be awaited 6 hours between coats.
Application on old surfaces:Surfaces which will be painted with Dyoterm, should be cleared out of dirt, grease, old loose or flaking materials and cleaned with mould and bacteria preventing solution. Cracks etc. to be repaired with Dyorit Wall Putty Interior. Porous and chalky substrates to be pre-treated with Dyobinder. For old synthetic painted surfaces, the surface must be sanded, and sand dust must be removed from the surfaces. After that Dyoterm which is diluted 10% is applied two or three coats(to increase anti-condensation effect) by roller.

3-3,5 m²/L, 3-3,5 m²/kg area is covered dependent on the substrate. (for two coats) 2,5-3 m²/L area is covered dependent on the substrate. (for three coats to increase anti-condensation effect)
SAFETY PHRASES:S2 Keep out of the reach of children.