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DESCRIPTION:Produced with nanotechnology, it is scrubbable and washable, matt, decorative interior topcoat paint..
PROPERTIES: Thanks to its photocatalytic property, it is able to clean itself with the help of light and thanks to this, it delays formation of dirts like nicotine and radiator soot on paint surfaces. It provides easy cleaning of oil, ketchup, pencil, watercolour etc. stains by little effort. Because of matt apperance, it does not show surface defects. It contains nano particles and binder with porous structure and this provides breathability property to the surface. Nanomat is human and environment-friendly product with its odourless property. It can be applied and cleaned easily and has superior opacity.
APPLICATION AREA:It is used on all types of interior surfaces of buildings.

Surface Preparation:
New mineral surfaces; The surface should be smoothened by Dyorit Macun or other powder putties. Dyobinder or Dyo Albin Astar is applied on putty applied surfaces.“Isolation primers should not be used for priming”
Old painted surfaces; The surface should be cleared out of dirt, grease, old loose or flaking materials. Dyobinder or Dyo Albin Astar is applied onto whole surface after Dyorit Macun or powder putties application for surface smoothening on required areas. In case of colour change of surface,  Dyo Geçiş Astarı is applied one coat prior to Nanomat application.
Old synthetic painted surfaces; the surface must be sanded lightly and sand dust must be removed from the surface. After surface preperation, Dyo Geçiş Astarı is applied one coat.

•24 hours after primer application, it is applied two coats by brush or roller with diluting 15-20 % of water by volume. It should be awaited 6 hours between coats.
SPREADING RATE: 13-16 m²/L, 9 -11 m2/kg dependent on the substrate. (for one coat)
SAFETY PHRASES: S2  Keep out of the reach of children.